Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur – the thrilling capital city in Malaysia. 

As you know, we love traveling but we keep our goals to serve our customers best services.
For sure you’ll think:
“Theres much self-discipline needed”, but it´s not only self-discipline, it´s about to love yourself and the lifestyle and creativity you can get out of it!

Kuala Lumpur is really a thrilling city with all of the nice Bars, Restaurants, Rooftop-Pools, Parks, the picturesque Petronas Towers and more! And I am thankful to be able to spend my spare time – after-remote-work – in places like Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur is mixed of different cultures and Religions and is a pleasure to see how they handle it peacefully.

The Main Religion is the islam, followed by the Hindi and christians.
You can see a Mosque next to Church and it works in great harmony.

and on the other hand you see a huge variety of architecture.
Old Malayan style buildings, next to some of the most modern skyscrapers.

Now receiving all these impressions of different cultures, tastes, architecture refreshes your mind to be more creative tomorrow.


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Working Remotely in Kuala Lumpur is quite easy. Perfect Internet conditions serve best possibilities to work online.

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