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PHUKET – GDPR European data protection

concerns the whole world as a far-reaching piece of legislation. 

20.000.000€ or 4% of annual turnover as punishment.

Why you should take attention.

If you think, as an outer-Europe company it doesn’t apply to you, you may be wrong. The GDPR data protection applies to every company worldwide, who could be in touch with Europeans. Anyone who provides a service to Europeans has to comply, regardless of owning a branch inside the EU or not. Latest on, if your potential customer is a citizen of the EU, you have to comply to the GDPR.  

1. Reason why it even affect to non-European countries

As an expample: one of your domestic customers is in Europe and they want to transact on your site while they are in vacations in an EU country, then you need to be GDPR compliant.
That means, tourist companies, local restaurants, transportation services, online-shops etc. have to be compliant or block their service for European IP-Adresses. Like the Chicago post for example did. They censored for the EU, instead of getting compliant. There are few more reasons why not-European companies should take care about GDPR.

2.  Even the deadline’s passed, you should still work on compliance

25th of may 2018 has been the deadline for GDPR compliance, that you obviously may have passed, but that doesn’t mean you should stop working on it.
As a fact, the longer you take to be compliant, the more likely it is that you’ll be sanctioned by a Data Protection Authority (DPA) in an EU country.

3. Compliance takes time

The millions of emails landing in customers inboxes, when the GDPR took effect, wasn’t just because companies were procrastinating.
GDPR is a long to-do list to approach compliance. Figuring out of which kind of Social media icons, newsletter-system, google Webmaster Tools, Links you use and much more, takes time. What means, that if you aren’t there yet, you need to get there as quickly as possible. The bucket-list to get compliant is much longer than this little post.

4. How to become GDPR-compliant

If your sending out digital communications like newsletters, social media posts, or just analyzing your Website for SEO-Campaigns, GDPR does include lawful bases for processing personal information.

Every potential customer in future can only be caught by online-marketing, when you’re compliant. And every already-customer needs to re-opt-in into your data-protection. So make sure, that if one of your customers logs into their account on your Webseite, that they have to consent the use of data.

Consent here means having an explicit record of the person agreeing to receiving messages from you (ie opt-in not opt-out) and to be able to show when and how they gave their consent and what they agreed to receive.
If your not compliant, you have two options here – get hold of everyone on your marketing databases and get their explicit consent or go through your database and remove everyone for whom you do not have recorded, explicit consent.

5. Your email database will take a hit

The chance, that your e-mail database will take a hard hit is up to 95%. People are inundated with emails on a daily basis. Even if they see your consent email. They will always find a reasonable chance as an opportunity to make their inbox a little less cluttered.

Encouter any losses, will take less impact on your company than if you fail to be GDPR compliant.

6. seriously costly and going bankrupt

If you still decide to ignore…what happens if you’re not compliant? At first, you’ll be reported to a local Data Protection Authority (DPA) in an EU country.
The relentless DPA will decide if you’re compliant or not. Failing compliance, you should be ready to pay a fine.
A fine that numbers up to 20-million Euro or four percent of your company’s annual turnover. Little companies or even charity organizations should be prepared to be bankrupt afterwards.

The digital nomadcy can be your partner to achieve compliance. And specially when we create marketing-campaigns or craft a new website for you, we will take care of your GDPR.

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25th of June 2018 - the GDPR effects to companies worldwide, who could get in touch with EU-citizens or even people you just go to Europe for vacations.