Creative Hub

Introducing “The Creative Hub” of the digital nomadcy.

Traveling around the world and working from anywhere is one thing.
The other thing is, that we still have a “home”. And sometimes you need a good place to work with the team, and customersĀ face to face!

This is our creative hub. A nice house where we live in and invite our customers to spend there 2 weeks or more with us,
to work on the customers project.

Here we are well equipped to do the real production.
Photo-lab, Workstation-computers, BBQ-area and much more, which supports our workflow.

You will be able to schedule your ideas for your business, and work with us not like a customer.
You can be part of the creative process to get each pixel of your project measured to your needs.

And whenever you feel overheated, you can easily jump into the ocean or the pool, while we continue the process.

Service Type
Creative Hub for Digital Nomads
Provider Name
Digital Nomadcy,Phuket-
The Creative Hub - the best space to work with your and our team seamless! Fully equipped, we can support you and your project from pixel to pixel and measure your project to your needs.