a paradise Island, that you’ll find on most travelers bucket list.

What about the idea to work in Bali?

For sure there will be lots of ways to work in Bali.
Starting your own business here in manufacturing, exporting Balinese products like handcrafted
Batik-clothes, handcrafted furnitures, souvenirs, Kopi Luwak (most expensive and famous Coffee in the world), and more….

Latest on with the introduction of the internet your possibilities increase to a million opportunities.

The Digital Nomadcy took one these opportunities to live the life of a digital nomad and find the perfect harmony of a work-life-balance.

We are used to work hard, most of us worked in Germany. We know how to track deadlines, timelines, structure projects, being organized, working properly. We believe in the good German habits. But we prefer to recharge our bodies´ batteries in the sun.

The sun, balinese traditional massages, waves of the ocean, sand between our toes etc. is what keeps us creative for our customers!

I think, most of you know, how exhausted you feel before you start your vacations… and most of you will know how exhausted you are after your first working-day after vacations?

The digital Nomadcy´s employees left this feelings behind us.

Toya Bungkah Hot Spring Spa. Nomads relax area.
“Recharging” ourselves at Bali´s Toya Bungkah Hot Spring Spa.


Getting up early is a question of motivation.
Sunrise at Bali´s volcano – Mount Batur.



Challenging and team building in Bali, while climbing the Mount Batur.



 Swimming in one of the most beautiful waterfalls - after work of course.
Tukad Cepung Waterfalls – a moment that takes your breath away.

The Digital Nomadcy loves to work, but we prefer to do it on 100%.
Our lifestyle helps us to get 100% out of us.

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