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Coworking Space

Coworking spaces oder co-working/workspace are flexible areas where you can work alone or in a team. The coworking space offers self-employed, start-ups, Entrepreneurs and digital nomads space, to work boarderless and flexible on your project. Alone or hand in hand with people who have a common mindset, or see things out of a different view. Freedom of choice, if you need it for several hours, or couple of months. Every coworking space serves different Services, advantages or even disadvantages. There can be differences in simple things, like the desk, telephone, Fax, printer, Conference Rooms, free-water and Coffee, compared to a nearly blank space with self-service.

Main point of a coworking space: community, networking, working together with your team and taking profit of your flexible environment. Best case: Projects will be accomplished in a team, the new network serves more possibilities and connections for new supply, supporting each other´y projects, increasing your revenue or just hand over the final hint, to fulfill your project.

Coworking in Phuket, Thailand

Coming soon: We, the digital nomadcy will serve you, our customers, and our team in Phuket, Thailand, Co-/working space. Main points, which are important for us are: working together in a team, synergies as a result of working in an efficient, team-environment. Likewise we´re looking forward for an relaxed space, environment and gentle tone. You will be able to rent a whole room including bed, desk etc. in our coworking space, so that you are able to combine living, working and networking, without long journeys to your hotel or hostel.

Arbeiten in Thailand Phuket

If you need assistance with your project, we´re there for you to support. No matter if you need assistance with your Website, SEO, Marketing or Social Media-campaign. We’ve got a connection for you, who will be able to assist.

Your head feels like burning down? You need to cool down? No worries! The ocean and Pool are waiting for you, to jump in. Grab a Cocktail under the palm tree, enjoy a boat trip on another island – or do whatever you need to refresh your mind. Phuket serves hundreds of possibilities with a bunch of beaches, crystal clear water, thousands of restaurant, massage services, more than enough possibilities to relax.

We serve you:

  • coworking space with care free package
  • overnight-stay
  • Pool (jump in, whenever)
  • Coffee and Water flat
  • Spezialist and digital nomads, who are there to support and connect
  • a gentle tone, clean and safe environment and workspace
  • the beach around

The special about the nomadcy´s space

Support, connection and network. If you don’t come along, we can help you, with our specialists and connections.
Worldwide connections in different Subjects are one of our unique advantages. At the same time it doesn´t matter, if you are inside our coworking space or elsewhere in the world, quick assistance or a big project, we assist you, to get your project rollin´.


working space thailand phuket

Likewise you´ll find at our coworking space another “forward thinker” to support each other in different projects.

Starting with a simple Banner, customized shirts or pens, a new Design for your Website, the digital nomadcy´s experts are you network- and assistance partner. No Website works without SEO, use the nomadcy´s experts to get your content to be done. There will be always the perfect nomad for you!

Time for a break?

Working together is one thing. The other thing is, to relax perfectly, to refresh your mind and creativity. We are perfectly connected to organize a day or more-day Tour around Phuket. Relax on a boat trip to one of the dream islands around, a guided Tour through the jungle, a luxurious Catamaran Tour and snorkeling at a dream beach. Organized from a to z, transfer till homecoming. Even at one of these tours, you will be able to connect to other nomads or maybe future customers.


working together
coworking cafe


You’ve got some questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Coworking Space
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Coworking Space in Phuket, Thailand mit Übernachtungsmöglichkeit.

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